RevolCraft server regulations:

1. Do not disturb other players. Obey the rules of netiquette.

2. Do not ask administration for items, day, night and other facilities.

3. Inform administration about all bugs. Do not use it for your own profit.

4. Do not build advanced factories (solar panels production etc.). If you are unsure about your construction, ask the administration. EMC Factories are also prohibited. One player can build maximum 1 big or 5 small copying machines.

5. You can play only on one account. One player = one account.

6. Do not /sethome on other players claims.

7. Do not disturb other players during the logging in.

8. Do not fight PvP in the city and the claims.

9. Do not make portals (Nether, End). Use public one (/warp survival)

10.  Do not make „give away” events. Do not drop rubbish in the city.

11. Do not make claims in the Nether and The End.

Use the principle of limited trust. Administration are not responsible about lost items.